Issue # 78 - May 2015

Hey look it's a flying car! We are morally obliged to run flying car stories on the cover of Australian Popular Science and the Aeromobil is one of the most promising flying cars yet. Of course, it's more a "plane you can drive home from the airport" rather than a commuter runabout, but we reach the future one step at a time right? It's part of our annual Invention issue...

We've rounded up 10 amazing "garage" inventions that showcase the cutting edge of human ingenuity. We say garage in inverted commas because some of these guys are in labs, and others are in their childhood bedrooms. In these days of 3D printing and crowdfunding, all you REALLY need to be a serious inventor is a brain...

Plus we examine Australia's place in space. In a world just starting to reach out into the cosmos, what's our role? 

We also review the latest in smart home tech, ride an electric scooter, eat bugs (and tell everyone else to eat bugs too), build a G-force meter for our car and admit that science isn't perfect.

That's all inside this massive issue. On sale now!

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