Issue #77 - April 2015

Our annual Inside the Future edition is out now! We pull apart a weird and wonderful collection of technologies, scientific theories, even a little bit of nature to see what makes the future tick. Amazing illustrations, in-depth info and more! Plus...

- What happens if you're allergic to technology? In today's world, how do you even make someone believe in your condition?

- How CAD software goes way beyond wireframe drawing and ray-tracing, to include real-world simulations and much more.

- Mars One is all over social media, but does the Red Planet deserve more from us than a tacky reality TV show?

- We jump on board the new tech that's being used to fight pirates. Not hackers or people who steal movies off the internet, we mean actual pirates!

- Take a tour of the Dark Web, the internet's evil (but fascinating) twin.

Plus a lot more, all packed into one issue! Out now at shops!

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