Issue #72 - November 2014

Our November issue asks the important question: will you invest in the first generation of household robots? Just $2000 buys you a new best friend... but will he just freak you out? Wait, that's not the important question. The important question is this...

Why do so many people want to die on Mars? The Mars One program... scheme... experiement... whatever you call it, it's attracted massive interest and thousands of hopefuls who want to be the first colonists. And by extension, the first humans to die on another world. We go inside their heads.

Plus the future of warfare, and why tomorrow's infantry will be defined by how much they can carry. Should we augment their muscles, or give them semi-autonomous robotic pack mules to help them?

We also dig through NASA's data, uncover the secrets of the universe in our kitchen, examine some world-class data visualisations, wonder if flow batteries can save the car, and drive a semi-electric Porsche.

All this in one magazine! (Also, why are the Japanese so comfortable trusting robots?)

On sale October 30, in shops!

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