Robotic Flower Looks Like a Pretty Daisy, Bites Like A Venus Flytrap
Nick Gilbert
at 14:08 PM Jun 26 2012
Flower Robot
Dimos Apostolidis

There's a dearth of pretty robots in the world today. We have powerful robots, creepy robots, weird robots - but there's just not enough pretty. One guy has decided to rectify that by building a moving large-sized lily robot, perfect for allergy sufferers or those with a taste for more than the regular plastic fakery. Watch out, though - not everything is as it seems.

This Groboduino based 'bot uses a total of seven servos to operate, with six handling the petal movement, and the seventh turning the flower to face a particular direction.

Infrared sensors detect movement and instruct the servos to face the plant in the direction of, say, moving humans- cute in a slightly eerie oh-god-its-going-to-eat-me sort of way.

The cuteness is rounded out by some tastefully chosen stones to cover the flowerbed, and a piece of absorbent cloth so you can actually spray the plant with flower frangrances for that touch of authenticity.

And then you actually go to put your hand in the thing...

We think this has potential as a prank device. It could takes the old 'Would you like some gum?" gag to a whole new level.

Creator Dimos Apostolidis hails from Greece: if you happen to be able to read Greek or are happy deciphering Google Translate's terrible syntax, you can read a build guide over here.

If you want to watch more of it in action, check out the below video to see children sticking their hands into the centre of the flower again. And again. And again.

[via Make]

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