Creepiest Video Software Ever
Paul Adams
at 04:59 AM Sep 28 2011
Creepiest Video Software Ever
Kyle MacDonald's Scramble Suit
Kyle MacDonald

My enduring dream of being able to watch The African Queen with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Hepburn role just got a step closer!

Kyle MacDonald and Arturo Castro, a pair of programmer/artists, have created a real-time video face tracking and modifying application, which can overlay a famous face from a photo onto a moving face in a video, dynamically, in creepy, creepy real time. Just watch.

The software is built on open-source tools, so we're hoping to compile a copy to run here in the office and distort ourselves at least as horribly as Kyle MacDonald does here, but until then, can't stop staring at the videos.

Here's another one, inspired by A Scanner Darkly.

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