Pizza Hut Made A Pizza Box Into A Working DJ Turntable
G. Clay Whittaker
at 14:27 PM Aug 18 2016
Pizza Hut Made A Pizza Box Into A Working DJ Turntable
Pizza Hut DJ Pizza Box
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Ever order a pizza and immediately regret not also ordering two turntables and a fader? Me either, but apparently someone has. And Pizza Hut just solved that problem with a pizza box that works as a real, functioning DJ setup after you... you know, take the pizza out.

The novelty box is only available from a few British Pizza Hut locations at the moment, but maybe they'll let you spin the slice-tables here in the U.S., if we demand they deliver.

The actual design was created by Novalia, a UK tech company that specializes in printed electronics. Novalia worked with Pizza Hut to develop a cheap inset system that is Bluetooth enabled and touch sensitive, and replicates a real DJ's setup on the inner surfaces of a pizza box. 

Just imagine scratching the discs (which are actually just a cardboard surface with responsive electronics) with your hands covered in grease. Or getting up and sweating out some hardcore jams on a full stomach of pizza.

Alright, admittedly most of us would never use this. But for a proud few who, late at night, secretly wish they could scratch with the best of them, Pizza Hut will forever be by their side. At least until the deal is off.



[H/T FastCo Create]

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