Duct Tape Takes On The Hydraulic Press
G. Clay Whittaker
at 10:34 AM Aug 10 2016
Hydraulic Press Channel
Hacks // 

Duct tape. Hydraulic press. The battle for the ages.

When humanity's most destructive force meets its most immovable object, we should prepare for chaos.

At least that's the kind of hype you'd expect when the Hydraulic Press Channel finally posts a Youtube video pressing everyone's favorite solution to problems: duct tape. It's perhaps the greatest battle since, well....

Realistically, duct tape is neither unstoppable nor immovable. But as the amateur handyman's go-to solution, it's a force to be reckoned with—and perhaps one the hydraulic press isn't totally able to defeat.

The Hydraulic Press Channel hits some other tape types too: desk tape, masking, electrical — all of course failing in comparison to the greatest tape of all tapes.

We've set the stage. Take a look at the battle:

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