Can Ocean Plastics Make Homes For The Poor?
G. Clay Whittaker
at 10:34 AM Aug 10 2016
ByFusion Plastic Block
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There's no shortage of plastic in the ocean: un-recycled plastic from toys, containers, skin cleansers and countless other things fill the oceans in startling volume. But while clean-up is a major priority, there might also be a benefit to the waste: it could be material for building homes. One company is looking to turn the ocean's plastic pollution into shelter.

In addition to being an actual use for something that pervades landfills, ByFusion's blocks are more eco-friendly to make than concrete blocks, with a smaller carbon footprint. They require no adhesives, and are strong insulators.

We doubt you'll be seeing recycled ocean plastics being used in home construction down the street anytime soon, and it's unclear how much weight these blocks can take in comparison with other materials.

But it would be great to see poorer countries suddenly have a vast supply of materials for building, and therefore have more people with roofs over their heads. 

[H/T Builder Online]

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