Craziest Scientific Theories
Danika Wilkinson
at 01:42 PM 12 Oct 2020
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We've had a lot of scientific theories in our time - some revolutionary, and some not so much. The greatest breakthroughs in history are often celebrated, but we'd like to take some time to recognise those that didn't quite make the cut. Move over Charles Darwin, this is the evolution of crazy.

  • The Earth is Flat

    During the Dark Ages, people thought that if you sailed a boat into the horizon you’d fall right off the edge. Civilisations across the world eventually found out that this, luckily, wasn’t the case. But, believe it or not, there are still spherical deniers out there. Take the Flat Earth Society not only believe that the planet is flat, but that the stars and Moon are only a few hundred kilometres above Earth. We’d love to send the group on a round-the-world trip, followed by a one-way moon mission.

  • Ekpyrotic Universe

    The Ekpyrotic scenario provides an alternative to the widely accepted Big Bang theory. It suggests that, unlike the Big Bang that began from singularity, our universe is one of a pair of universe that collided. This means there's another universe out there. That's not too strange considering popular culture accepts the possibility of parallel universes. But if this theory is correct, our twin universe is right next to us in another dimension, separated by a distance less that the diameter of an atom.

  • Spontaneous Generation

    Evolution, while still only a theory, is the most widely accepted reasoning for the generation of life. But some believe in the spawning of life from inanimate matter - something other than a seed, egg, or parent - or in other words, nothing. No, it’s not the Bible, it’s the work of the original mad scientist/nutty philosopher - Aristotle. His successors recorded such braniac observations as; no one has ever seen eels having sex, so therefore they must be spawned from earth worms, and anchovies apparently come from sea foam.

  • Emission Theory

    If this theory were true, we’d all be walking around with invisible beams of light shooting out our eyes. The Emission theory suggests that, rather than photons on different objects emitting light which in turn we perceive, our eyes in fact emit light into our field of vision. Think it sounds ridiculous? Well apparently not to some. Results from a study in 2002 found that 50 per cent of American college students thought that this was really how our eyes work. We’d like to manipulate the light from our eyes into laser beams.

  • Time Travel

    As much as we’d love to travel into the future, wear a pair of self-lacing Nike's and ride a hoverboard with Marty McFly, it just doesn’t seem likely. Time travel, let’s face it, is way too mind boggling to actually be real. We think the great Stephen Hawking sums it up perfectly when he asks: Why aren’t we inundated with time travellers from the future? They should be here right now, knowing full well that we’re interested in such topics as time travel.

  • Phrenology

    Phrenology believed that individual character traits, whether intelligence, aggression, or an ear for music, could all be localised to very specific parts of the brain. According to phrenologists, the larger each one of these parts of a person’s brain was, the more likely they were to behave in a certain way. With this in mind, practitioners would often study the size and shape of subjects’ heads in order to determine what kind of personality they might have.


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