'Star Wars' Augmented Reality Is Coming
G. Clay Whittaker
at 11:40 AM Jun 17 2016
Magic Leap Star Wars
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Star Wars fans who've always wanted to use the force may have a new hope. We're all hopeful after seeing a video shared today showing an interactive mixed reality simulation featuring characters from the movies—in the room with you.

No, it won't be the force flowing around you. Rather, it will be a mixed or augmented reality simulation brought to you by a partnership between digital effects legend ILM and VR pioneer Magic Leap.

The video shows images taken from the actual simulation, and it looks pretty great. Glowing, realistic renderings of everyone's favorite robots wheel around a living room. R2 even finds a table, which he promptly broadcasts a hologram onto.


We still don't know how the room mapping will work, whether we can trust the actual experience to be this good, and what kind of content the team of creators will actually be bringing to us.

Until those questions are answered, you can read more here via Wired.

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