HTC Is Launching A Virtual Reality Accelerator
G. Clay Whittaker
at 15:01 PM Apr 27 2016
Vive X Accelerator Program
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HTC announced today that it's taking applications for an accelerator program focused on virtual reality innovation.

Accelerators like HTC's Vive X offer monetary and non-monetary assistance to startups to incubate their ideas. Competitive programs like Y Combinator take the best seed ideas and fund them toward success, in exchange for a share of equity. Think Shark Tank with tech ideas. HTC's Vive X works the same way, but focuses on developing VR ideas, apps, and games.

HTC released its $800 Vive VR headset earlier this month. The company is now hoping to bring together talent in the field with accelerator offices in Taipei, Beijing, and San Francisco.

Vive X is open to all applicants who have a passion and an idea in mind to help HTC take the lead in the virtual reality market. You can start your application here.


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