Fitness // 

After decades of research, the tragic suicides of several former pro football players, and even a movie, we are ...

Alexandra Ossola at 08:48 AM Dec 4 2015
Fitness // 

Apps and gadgets have made many of us obsessed with quantifying our health. And while there's good reason to keep ...

Alexandra Ossola at 09:56 AM Nov 24 2015
Fitness // 

As social networks become more and more prominent in our lives, one has to wonder if we are happier being constantly ...

Jason Lederman at 11:41 AM Nov 12 2015
Fitness // 

Microsoft introduced its newest version of the Microsoft Band wearable at the company's Windows 10 press event in ...

Xavier Harding at 11:41 AM Oct 7 2015
Fitness // 

Sugar is dietary enemy number one at the moment. The delicious compound can be found in many foods and beverages ...

Alexandra Ossola at 00:51 AM Aug 28 2015
Fitness // 

In addition to water bottles, disinfectant spray bottles have become commonplace in many athletic facilities. The ...

Jason Tetro at 12:05 PM Jul 1 2015
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