High Performance LPG?

If you thought Liquid Petroleum Gas was suited only to taxis, think again. The performance arm of Australian car maker Holden has developed an LPG system for its V8 sports sedans — and it makes more power at lower revs than the petrol-only version. Holden Special Vehicles now offers an LPG kit as an option across all its models. The dual fuel system means that the engine starts on petrol before switching to LPG. The engine then runs on LPG below 4000rpm; once over this threshold the system reverts to petrol power. There are a couple of catches, however. The peak power is unchanged because that is at full revs (but power delivery up to 4000rpm is stronger than a petrol-only engine). And, as is the case with other LPG systems, you need to burn about 33 per cent more LPG to travel the same distance as a petrol-only car — but the fuel is roughly 50 per cent cheaper than petrol, so you’re still in front financially. Just.

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