German Vandals Throw Eggs At Houses That Opt Out Of Google Street View

“Google's cool,” privacy not so much

Opting out of Google Mapsā€™ Street View in Germany will blur the image of your building on the photographic map, and make you hideously uncool. So says a group of vandals who egged homes in Essen that appear pixelated on the search engineā€™s map, leaving notes that say “Googleā€™s cool” (in English) on the privacy-loversā€™ doors and mailboxes.

The victims are part of the 3 percent of German residents, totaling almost 250,000 people, who chose to have images of their homes blurred from Googleā€™s Street View map feature. Google uncharacteristically offered Germans the chance to opt out of the system before it launched after German government officials voiced concerns about privacy rights and Googleā€™s data-collection method.

The identity of the person or persons who used Google's tool to track down the spotlight-shunning opters-out and vandalize their uncool homes is unknown.

Google responded: “We respect peopleā€™s decision to opt out and by no means consider this to be acceptable behavior.”

[Deutsche Welle]

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