Optus jumps the National Broadband Network gun

Despite the seemingly illogical and contrary nature of the on-again off-again proposed internet content filter in Australia, our nation is edging ever closer to the speedy reality of the National Broadband Network (NBN). While the NBN has not been without its initial hurdles (most notably, how Telstra almost missed the boat), the good news is that it’s incoming. The better news for Optus broadband customers is they can have a taste of faster internet connection speeds before it arrives.

Gizmodo is reporting that Optus is now offering a faster form of ‘Supersonic Broadband’. You’ll have to be living in one of the 1.4 million compatible households in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne to have access to the speedier broadband but, for those that do, they can have access to the recently upgraded cable network which is now boasting DOCSIS 3.0 as standard. In lay terms that translates to speeds that can reach up to four times faster than before.

As would be expected with such a bragging point, this will require users to dig deeper into their pockets, with plans starting at $69.99 (special online price only) for a 120GB on-peak/off-peak package and stretching up to $149.99 for a 200GB ‘unlimited’ plan. Here’s to hoping that this inspires other ISPs to follow suit.

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