Build a life-size paper clone of yourself for under $40

A young German guy has a detailed Instructable online this week that explains how you can exercise your inner narcissist and make a 3D paper clone of yourself.

It’s worth checking out if for no other reason than user ddi7i4d’s wry sense of humor — “Welcome to the chamber of paper and glue, Frankenstein Junior,” he says by way of introduction. The last page includes suggestions for what to do with your new cardboard buddy.

The type of paper and glue you choose is of utmost importance, he says — “Skip this step and your model will collapse of thin skin before you can organize a funeral.”

You’ll need cardboard, plenty of glue, a decent-quality digital camera and printer, and some modeling/editing software; he recommends freeware for people who don’t feel like buying Paint Shop Pro X.

Including the ink for your home printer, he estimates your paper clone will cost between $15-$40. Freaking out the neighbors with a gorgon-staring paper clone of yourself? Priceless.

[Instructables via Make:Online]

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