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Bang & Olufsen?s new plasma screen knows how to look after itself

It?s the biggest question for any TV connoisseur who?s out to buy themselves a new state-of-the-art panel. Do you go plasma or do you go LCD? Purists will go for plasma, and for those who are willing to pay the premium (and we mean serious premium) for an exclusive brand such as Bang & Olufsen, you will get a seriously good sound and image experience. But like all plasmas (and LCDs, for that matter), they have a limited lifespan.

Until now, it was hard to know the condition of your plasma panel without having a technician come out to inspect it. With the plasma slowly degrading over time as the phosphor in each cell diminishes, you slowly loose picture quality, but it?s hard to notice the change unless you put a brand-new plasma screen next to it. In the case of B&O, that exercise could cost you half a million dollars.

To prevent you from unnecessarily sending that amount of money its way, B&O has invented Automatic Colour Management. While phosphor depletion cannot be reversed through maintenance, the ACM allows you to adjust your viewing habits and settings to increase the life of your TV. According to B&O ??it is possible to adjust colour temperature to compensate for the effects of ageing, ensuring the same high picture quality over a longer period.?

The coolest part about ACM is not what it does, but how it works. When you activate the ACM, a small, robotic arm with a camera attached appears from behind the TV?s frame and then positions itself over the screen. A test picture is displayed on the screen while the camera films it. After analysis, the picture and colour are adjusted automatically to ensure you get the most life out of your TV.

ACM is a technology available exclusively on B&O plasma panels, the BeoVision 4 and BeoVision 9. Having seen them in action in the Paddington showroom in eastern Sydney, we can assure you that the image quality will amaze you. But as we?ve said before, you pay for every glimmering pixel of it!

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