Krispy Kremes on Air Asia, Qantas Gets Fourth A380

We don?t know which bit of news is tastier! OK, that was a terrible pun

Malaysian based low-cost airline, Air Asia, will be the first airline in the world to offer Krispy Kreme donuts in-flight. Why is this important? It?s not, it?s just delicious. In typical modern day style the announcement was made by the Air Asia CEO on Twitter. Sadly though, we don?t get Air Asia as a carrier in Australia. Air Asia X does fly to the Gold Coast and Melbourne though. Here?s hoping the donuts are available on those flights.

In slightly more important news (according to some), Qantas has taken delivery of its fourth A380 superjumbo. It?s been named Fergus McMaster in honour of the airline’s first chairman. The additional A380 will allow Qantas to increase superjumbo services on the London and Los Angeles route from four to five per week and three to four per week respectively.

Qantas admitted that the London and Los Angeles routes are operating at a loss at the moment despite being two of the most important routes for the carrier.

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