Clay Dillow
at 05:00 AM Dec 1 2012
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For a long time now, the ability to print electronic circuitry and components on commercially available 3D printers has been viewed as the development that will thrust 3D printing out of its current nascent maker space and into the mainstream of both manufacturing and home fabrication. And while it's already been demonstrated on specialized printers in the lab, researcher at the University of Warwick in the UK have developed a low-cost material they've named "carbomorph" that is conductive, piezoresistive, and printable in currently available, consumer-affordable 3D printers.

Vin Marshall
at 23:55 PM Sep 14 2012
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I'm always tinkering with cars and building strange machines, so it's crucial that I have the right electronic test and measurement equipment handy. Last month I showed off the gear I use the most often in my shop. But at times, I need more specialised gadgets to make sure my projects are the right length, speed or voltage. This is the gear I turn to when the basics aren't enough.

Nick Gilbert
at 12:14 PM May 24 2012
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Well, given that Raspberry Pisare selling like hot cakes (or maybe pies), its only to be expected that other all-in-one mini computing platforms would try and push themselves out onto market. This particular platform runs on Android, is about the size of a smartphone, and costs US$49 a pop.

Max Fischer
at 07:00 AM Feb 18 2012
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Light 18-volt batteries have become the standard for cordless power tools, but they often underperform when faced with difficult tasks such as boring large holes into wood or metal. To produce more strength without resorting to a heavier, higher-voltage battery, engineers at MilwaukeeToolsredesigned the motor of the new M18 Fuel drill. The result is a tool that generates about 25 per cent more torque than the average 18-volt drill and can create big holes faster than any of them.

Paul Adams
at 03:37 AM Dec 24 2011
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A team of veterinarians have taken time away from helping fluffy animals to focus on what's really important: dinner. Specifically, what's the best way to sew your holiday bird back up after you've deboned and stuffed it?

Rebecca Boyle
at 00:10 AM Oct 1 2011
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We all know takeaway food sometimes requires special utensils to be eaten properly. The same is true for fish. (The food they're eating, not takeaway fish.) Below, behold the first video of a reef fish using a tool - and traveling a great distance to find it.

Dan Nosowitz
at 04:30 AM Sep 9 2011
Tools // 

IFTTT, a very simple web tool that might end up becoming indispensable, has just opened to the public, with some new features in tow. IFTTT stands for "if this, then that," a common developer's phrase that indicates a relationship between two events. IFTTT takes that phrase and makes it simple to use for everyone. Want to automatically send your starred Google Reader items to Instapaper? Or get an SMS alert when your favorite comedian tweets that he's coming to your hometown? All easily done, with no development savvy required.

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