Kelsey D. Atherton
at 15:04 PM Oct 30 2015

Super colliders are already massive. The Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland features a circular track over 16 miles long. Today, Chinese state media announced the nation's plan to construct a super collider twice as large, with construction beginning in 2020. Like the Swiss project, it will smash particles together looking for the elusive snowflake that is the “God Particle”. Unlike the CERN project, it will do so with a ton more energy.

Nadia Berenstein
at 16:11 PM Oct 26 2015

What do you get when you mix "cheesy vomit" with "popcorn"? What about when you add "hazelnut," "coriander seed," and a whiff of "smoke"?

at 10:13 AM Oct 22 2015

October 21, 2015, is Back To The Future Day, the day Marty McFly travels 30 years into the future to 2015, in 1989's Back to the Future Part II (set in 1985, stay with us)! Marty famously rides a hoverboard in the film, but we're all still waiting to freely fly around here in the real 2015. Leave it to Twitter, though, to let the world know what it would do if users had hoverboards by tagging tweets with #IfIHadAHoverboard

Kelsey D. Atherton
at 10:50 AM Oct 21 2015

Railguns scream science fiction. Hobbyists love making these rifles, which use electromagnetic forces to rapidly accelerate a magnetic metal slug before hurling it into the air. This design, by YouTube user xtamared, is hardly the first homemade railgun, but it's one of the biggest. Here, watch as it knocks a cantaloupe off a pedestal:

Sophie Bushwick
at 10:50 AM Oct 21 2015

This Back to the Future Day,real hoverboards may be out of your wallet's reach. But there's one piece of tech from BttF 2 that you can buy or even make yourself: Marty McFly's auto-lacing shoes.

Alexandra Ossola
at 10:49 AM Sep 18 2015

On Monday, school officials in Irving, Texas called the police on 14-year-old high school student Ahmed Mohamed when they suspected that a clock he built himself and brought to school could be a bomb. The internet quickly picked up the gauntlet, and rallied around the hashtag [#IStandWithAhmed](( in support for the wrongly arrested teen. Now Ahmed is hoping that the good people of the internet will show their support financially, as well: last night, he launched a fundraising campaign on crowdfunding site Launchgood for a scholarship that will go to him and other young inventors like him.

Steph Yin
at 10:48 AM Sep 18 2015

On Monday, Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old from Irving, Texas was suspended and placed in juvenile detention for bringing a homemade clock to school, triggering a nationwide response against racial and religious profiling, and spawning the viral hashtag #IStandWithAhmed.

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