Chris Hackett
at 09:56 AM Apr 15 2014

English philosopher Thomas Hobbes believed that men living in anarchy would lead “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short” lives. So as much as I’d enjoy rebuilding civilization from piles of trash after an apocalypse, I’d first worry about a way to send petrol-marauding punk rockers scrambling and make infectious zombies take a dirt nap. 

Julie Beck
at 00:00 AM Jul 17 2013

At the afterparty for Microsoft's Imagine Cup, a worldwide student technology competition, some of the smartest students in the world are singing "Like a Virgin." One of them begs me to get him a beer; the line is impossibly long and I've finally reached the front. But really, you can't blame them for wanting to unwind. It's been a long week in St. Petersburg, Russia, where the students have largely neglected the sights in favor of long nights of coding and honing their business pitches.

Clay Dillow
at 07:00 AM Dec 21 2012

Try to spin these 3D printed vinyl analogs at your next party, and the dance floor will likely grind to a halt. But the technique created by Instructables assistant tech editor Amanda Ghassaei for converting digital audio files into printable, playable 33 rpm records is actually pretty amazing, and as 3-D printer resolution continues ticking upward, the sound quality can only get better and better.

Colin Lecher
at 07:30 AM Dec 13 2012

Kerosene lamps used in off-grid, rural areas are a major problem. They're bad for people's health and the environment's. One startup's solution is to tap another, greener resource, something we all have in abundance: gravity.

Colin Lecher
at 05:00 AM Nov 20 2012

This infographic is a step-by-step guide for building a nerd's dream: grab some PVC, spray paint, LEDs, and a few other DIY trinkets, then make a lightsaber.

Andrew Rosenblum
at 00:25 AM Jul 12 2012

Miroslaw Sowa, an electronics hobbyist in Montreal who grew up playing the accordion, liked the guitar but found fingering chords on the fret board too difficult. So he teamed up with Toronto software developer Vsevolod Zagainov to develop the Tabstrummer, an electronic instrument that allows the user to play different guitar chords simply by pressing one of up to 12 preset memory buttons.

Nick Gilbert
at 14:03 PM Jul 10 2012

A University of Queensland student has built a lightbulb that does two things a little outside the lightbulb norm - first, it levitates. Secondly, it is powered without wires.

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