Nicole Lou
at 09:37 AM Feb 5 2016
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Instead of searching for an outlet to keep your phone alive, what if all you needed was some sunshine? An MIT startup has created a transparent coating that transforms surfaces into solar panels.

Carl Franzen
at 10:36 AM Feb 3 2016
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It wouldn't be election 2016 without at least one bizarre conspiracy theory about cyber fraud. As the first official tallies emerged from the snowy banks of the Iowa caucuses last night, with results showing Republican frontrunner Donald Trump in a clear second place to the suddenly surging Republican Senator Ted Cruz (and only a few points ahead of third place Senator Marco Rubio), some supposed Trump supporters took to Twitter to accuse Microsoft of rigging the caucus against Trump using the hashtag #MicrosoftRubioFraud. A sampling:

Kelsey D. Atherton
at 10:32 AM Feb 1 2016
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Australia is currently prosecuting a teenager for a terror plot that involved sticking plastic explosives in a kangaroo's pouch. As the massively violent Islamic State, better known as ISIS, reaches through the internet for recruits, the people it finds are not always ideal terror material. The young man, Sevdet Besim, was arrested in Melbourne last year four days before Anzac Day, Australia and New Zealand's shared memorial day. As revealed by prosecution this week, some details of the plot are as farcical as others are grim.

Sarah Keartes
at 09:22 AM Jan 29 2016
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In the wake of America's recent snowpocalypse, it seems only fitting to remind you that some truly wondrous things can come out of bad weather. For photographer Chris Ratzlaff, it's the opportunity to freeze soap bubbles. While it takes some practice, anyone can recreate the jaw-dropping effect at home—so long as “home” happens to be somewhere very, very cold.

Lindsey Kratochwill
at 11:51 AM Jan 25 2016
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A recent study at the University of Granada in Spain has found that frying vegetables in extra virgin olive oil changes them for the better, adding phenolic compounds, which have antioxidant properties. Boiling and other methods of cooking veggies have no such benefit.

Brooke Borel
at 10:35 AM Jan 15 2016
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It's hard to pinpoint the return of the backyard chicken trend. Everyone used to have 'em, then no one did, and now heaps of people do again. But, whether the practice has truly grown in popularity or not, one thing those trend pieces tend to gloss over is parasites.

Kelsey D. Atherton
at 10:34 AM Jan 15 2016
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It began, as these stories tend to, with an enthusiastic prankster and a little knowledge of the internet. It ended, fortunately, with a modest legal battle and a lenient judge. In the middle, it put a kid in jail on Christmas eve, 2014. Ryan Pickren, the Georgia Tech student at the heart of this saga, shared his story today on Facebook, and it's as much a cautionary tale about overzealous reactions to online attacks as it is about the danger of pranks.

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