Neel V. Patel
at 07:01 AM Aug 22 2014
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As it turns out, the scanners are actually pretty easy to fool.

Emily Gertz
at 09:31 AM Aug 21 2014
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Used car batteries can leech chemicals and create lead pollution when they're incorrectly trashed. A team at MIT believes that this lead can be cut out of the waste stream entirely -- and put to good use creating emissions-free energy.

Emily Gertz
at 07:16 AM Aug 7 2014
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A group of Oakland, California-based biohackers believe they can create “real vegan cheese.” Their goal - a cheese made with no animal products that fully evokes the real dairy deal – has struck a nerve: Real Vegan Cheese's crowdfunding campaign Indiegogo has surged many thousands of dollars past its initial funding goal of $15,000. It ends on August 10.

Douglas Main
at 07:57 AM Aug 5 2014
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Well, this is a bit creepy: Researchers have shown that they can recover various types of audio, including human speech, by filming and analyzing the tiny vibrations that sound creates in objects nearby. In one example, a person recited words, and this sound vibrated a nearby bag of potato chips. The researchers filmed the bag of chips with a high-speed camera, through sound-proof glass, and were then able to reconstruct what the person was saying with relatively good quality--you can make out the words, and recognize the person's voice.

at 08:43 AM Aug 1 2014
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At first, it’s a delightful shade of periwinkle blue.  Then, it turns into a lilac purple before settling on a vibrant magenta.

Francie Diep
at 07:29 AM Jun 27 2014
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Who needs to see two entire minutes of your kid playing with an iPad, anyway? Computer science doctoral student Bin Zhao claims he never even watches his own recordings. "I have a lot of videos on my phone, but the reality is that I almost never look back to those videos," he tells Popular Science. "The main reason is that the video itself might be five or 10 minutes long."

Colin Lecher
at 11:12 AM Apr 23 2014
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What is one of The Worst Things In The World? (In the listicle sense, not the human tragedy sense.) Answer: when you empty the first squirt of ketchup from the bottle and it's a watery, brown, puddle-like mess, and you can feel each individual shard of your slowly shattering heart as the liquid dampens your fries.

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