By John Coyle/Motor Authority
at 09:23 AM Aug 28 2015
Cars // 

Self-driving trucks from Pennsylvania firm Royal Truck and Equipment will be on Florida roads by the end of the year.

By Stephen Edelstein/Green Car Reports
at 12:44 PM Aug 25 2015
Cars // 

Sometimes, lowering the environmental impact of a car can be done by changing the materials its components are made from.

Alexandra Ossola
at 12:43 PM Aug 25 2015
Cars // 

No cinematic car chase is complete without the classic revving sound of a speeding car. That sound happens when you accelerate in most cars, but not in electric cars, which can feel strange and make driving one less fun. Now Japanese electric car company GLM is teaming up with digital audio company Roland to create a sound system that brings that revving sound—along with several others—to the electric sports car.

Kelsey D. Atherton
at 12:43 PM Aug 25 2015
Cars // 

San Jose, California, has a problem. The city, with a population of over one million, is haemorrhaging police officers, with an expectation that they'll only have about 800 duty-ready cops by 2016. To supplement that force, the city is considering enlisting robots, and attaching them to garbage trucks. More specifically, to combat automobile theft, San Jose is looking at purchasing more license plate readers, and attaching them to non-police vehicles which already drive routes in the city.

By Bengt Halvorson/Green Car Report
at 10:47 AM Aug 24 2015
Cars // 

The regenerative braking system in the BMW i3 electric car is quite extreme. If you plan ahead and allow enough stopping distance, by lifting off the accelerator, this little electric car will come to a complete stop, without ever requiring a touch of the brake pedal.

Kristen Hall-Geisler
at 16:27 PM Aug 21 2015
Cars // 

Building cars in Mexico is nothing new; Volkswagen, Nissan, and Toyota all have plants south of the border. But building sports cars in Mexico is less common, and right now the Vuhl 05 has that stage pretty much all to itself. (To put a fine point on it, the car was designed and assembled in Mexico, with the body being manufactured in Canada and about 40% of its parts coming from the United Kingdom.)

By Richard Read/The Car Connection
at 11:05 AM Aug 13 2015
Cars // 

Auto fans have spent the past couple of weeks thinking about hackers. As our cars become increasingly networked -- not just through telematics systems like Uconnect and OnStar, but also through vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-grid communications -- the risk of bad guys and gals tinkering with those networks goes up.

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