Francie Diep
at 07:00 AM Mar 26 2014
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Aww, aren't they cute? These are scanning electron microscope images of nematodes of the species Gnathostoma spinigerum. You could get these little critters from eating imported eels that are sold live in markets. Adorbs!

Stephen Edelstein/ Motor Authority
at 06:19 AM Mar 4 2014
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Apple will take its latest step toward the conquest of car dashboards at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show this week. The tech giant will unveil CarPlay, a new way to integrate an iPhone into the infotainment systems of certain new cars. The system was known in development as iOS in the Car, and demonstrates Apple's interest in the automotive market.

Emily Gertz
at 07:26 AM Mar 1 2014
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Just as we reach the breaking point for bad news about climate change, along comes something that kindles our hope for humankind: this sharp hack transforming trite automobile advertising, and by extension the message that we can buy our way out of this crisis, into a foul-mouthed polar bear's flight from the great Arctic thaw, ranting all the way at the humans who have destroyed his home. Be sure to watch and read to the very end.

Colin Lecher
at 08:45 AM Feb 21 2014
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Today in theI-probably-could've-thought-of-thattech sub-category:Volvo will let package delivery employees into customers' cars, because it sucks trying to be home when a package gets delivered.

Kelsey D. Atherton
at 07:45 AM Jan 11 2014
Cars // 

It's a lot easier to "leave no man behind" when the rescue crew is robotic. Advanced Tactics, an El Segundo-based firm, plans to test a remotely operated, transforming, flying, driving evacuation vehicle early this year.It's not quite a drone, but it's not really a truck or a helicopter either.

Antony Ingram/ Green Car Reports
at 09:00 AM Jan 3 2014
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Solar power has proven itself better for static charging than it has for on-vehicle use, even if Australia's Solar Challenge race has shown solar cars to be possible under certain, very specific conditions.

Kelsey D. Atherton
at 05:08 AM Dec 17 2013
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Named by someone who clearly hated Maryland, the High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator (HEL MD) hit 90 incoming mortar rounds and UAVs with a 10 kW laser in November and early December during tests at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. HEL MD has been in development since 2011 (though the laser and truck separately have been in the works for years),and this successful demonstration suggests laser warfare may be getting closer to reality.

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