at 10:11 AM Dec 20 2014
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The most remarkable thing about the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that you can buy outright is how unremarkable it is to drive.

Anthony Fordham
at 09:57 AM Dec 10 2014
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Last night, Tesla Motors opened its showroom in Artarmon, Sydney and delivered the first nine Model S cars to Australian buyers. Yes, after what feels like a decade (but was actually a little under two years) the world's favourite high-performance, fully-electric sedan is here. And at a price surprisingly close to parity with the US.

Mary Beth Griggs
at 11:33 AM Dec 4 2014
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As any fan of Drunk History knows, people don't exactly talk the same when they're drunk. Now, some scientists are attempting to gather enough information to accurately predict a person's drunkenness based on a simple conversation.

Rafi Letzter
at 11:19 AM Dec 3 2014
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Robotic cars that drive everyone around are a distant dream at best, but that hasn't stopped auto manufacturers from selling their whiz-bang appeal. In September it was Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, who teased a new "Super-Cruise" feature in the automaker's 2017 Cadillac model. A month later it was entrepreneur Elon Musk, who announced “Autopilot” in his company's upcoming “D series” Tesla S electric roadster.

at 10:27 AM Nov 22 2014
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It wasn't that long ago that every major sports car manufacturer scoffed at the idea of inserting hybrid-electric powertrains into their track-tuned road-rockets. They reasoned electric motors simply don't light anybody's fire. Even if you don't particularly like that argument, it's a fair one. There really isn't anything like the sensation of unleashing a howling V8 on the open road, or near a gaggle of awestruck teens in the neighborhood. Performance cars exist to arouse a multitude of senses. Their engines sound amazing.

Mary Beth Griggs
at 09:49 AM Oct 27 2014
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In the future, getting out of a sticky situation might be as easy as clicking your heels together. Design firm iStrategyLabs just unveiled a prototype system called Dorothy (yeah, that Dorothy) that will fasten to people’s shoes, allowing them to click their heels and end up safely back home in Kansas. 

Kevin Ohannessian
at 09:53 AM Oct 24 2014
Cars // 

In the future, we may not be dealing with the hassles and frustrations that come with driving cars everyday. Autonomous automobiles can make our lives better! But are cars that drive by themselves all that it's cracked up to be?

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