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  • Is NASA Going To Let The Hubble Telescope Burn?

    Is NASA Going To Let The Hubble Telescope Burn?

    Last month, six astronauts convened in New York City to discuss STS-125, the last mission to the Hubble Space Telescope, which happened in 2009. As it approached its 20th birthday, the telescope ... More >
  • SpaceX Is Looking For A Farmer

    SpaceX Is Looking For A Farmer

    Are you a farmer with galactic ambition? Does the agrarian life lack that aerospace sheen? Or do you just wish your career path looked a bit more like Matthew McConaughey's in the movie Interstellar? More >
  • Japan's Asteroid-Bombing Spacecraft Launches Successfully

    Japan probes asteroid

    Today, the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) launched Hayabusa 2, a deep space probe that will land on asteroid 1999 JU3, collect samples, and bring them back to Earth. More >
  • Is Depression An Infectious Disease?

    Is Depression An Infectious Disease?

    Mental health continues to be one of society's greatest concerns. Its enigmatic nature leaves both the public and the health professional in a quandary to understand not only the cause but also ... More >
  • Data From Satellites Confirm: Glaciers Are Retreating

    Glaciers are, in fact, retreating

    Glaciers are having a hard time all around the world. A new book outlines the findings of a years-long effort by researchers and research groups across the world. Titled Global Land Ice Measurement... More >
at 10:19 AM Dec 19 2014
3D Systems
Robots // 

You should see this dog run. Derby was born with deformed front legs, but recently received a pair of 3D printed prosthetics, which he is quite good at maneuvering in:

at 10:19 AM Dec 19 2014

Is there anything that's worse than having a child who might be suffering from an ear infection? (Other, of course, than being said child.) A new device hopes to make those cases easier to diagnose by taking advantage of the powers of your smartphone.

at 10:19 AM Dec 19 2014
SURE house
Nature // 

We've all gotten the memo: climate change is real and it's happening. That means we have to adapt to it while working to fix it. Our contribution to the cause is the SURE HOUSE, a SUstainable and REsilient prototype representing a new direction in coastal housing.

at 10:19 AM Dec 19 2014
Copyright Eric Adams

High above rural Arkansas, I'm jammed in the back of a small four-seat airplane. Andrew Barker pilots the aircraft while Austin Meyer sits beside him. Everything is going great—until the engine suddenly quits at 5,000 feet.

at 10:19 AM Dec 19 2014
Edward Guttierrez III, U.S. Navy Photo

Last week, a new U.S. Navy robot swam near the Joint Expeditionary Base near Norfolk, Virginia. The robot is known by two names that run the gamut from Pixar-cuddly to over-the-top action movie. Project Nemo, a.k.a. GhostSwimmer, is a tuna-inspired bot that might protect soldiers in the future by going where humans can't or shouldn't.

Amy Shira Teitel
at 10:19 AM Dec 19 2014

When Gordon Cooper and Pete Conrad launched aboard Gemini V on August 21, 1965, they were the first astronauts to have mission patches sewn into their suits, a patch depicting a covered wagon. The motto of “8 days or bust,” however, had been nixed by NASA management; they worried it would make a shortened mission look like a failure. But the mission managed the full eight days, but it was probably as fun as traversing the country in a covered wagon. The view, on the other hand, was spectacular.

Paul Adams
at 10:19 AM Dec 19 2014
courtesy Propeller Health

The inhaler's sensor uses Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone or a data hub that plugs into a wall. One in 12 adults has asthma, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's 2010 report.

Rafi Letzter
at 10:19 AM Dec 19 2014
Johns Hopkins

Until recently, losing both arms in an accident would probably have meant the end of a patient's two-fisted grip. Not so for Leslie Baugh, the first shoulder-level double amputee to wear and control two complex, mind-controlled prosthetic limbs.

at 10:19 AM Dec 19 2014
U.S. Air Force, via Wikimedia Commons

It is hard to concisely describe how strange our cyberpunk present is. Yesterday Sony announced it wouldn't be releasing “The Interview,” a rather raunchy film that features the assassination of Kim Jong-Un. The decision to pull the film came after hackers released tons of Sony's internal emails and documents to the public, and then threatened attacks if the film was released, maybe even on theaters showing the movie.

at 08:04 AM Dec 18 2014
Lunar Missions Ltd

Lunar Mission One, the team of U.K.-based scientists and engineers hoping to send a robotic probe to drill into the moon, just reached a major milestone in funding. Today, the project's Kickstarter campaign reached its target goal of £600,000 (close to $1 million USD), with more than 30 hours to spare.

at 08:04 AM Dec 18 2014
Journal of Neural Engineering/IOP Publishing

In 2012, 53-year-old Jan Scheuermann demonstrated for researchers that she could move around blocks, dowels, a ball, and even a bar of chocolate. She did it all with a robotic arm she controlled with her thoughts.

at 08:04 AM Dec 18 2014
NASA Earth Observatory images by Jesse Allen, using VIIRS day-night band data provided by Miguel Román (NASA/GSFC)

'Tis the season to use way more electricity than you normally would. U.S. cities use so much more light at night during December that the difference can be seen by satellite. U.S. suburbs emit 30 percent to 50 percent more light during the winter holidays, while urban areas emit 20 percent to 30 percent more light, a NASA analysis found.

at 08:04 AM Dec 18 2014
Carnegie Mellon University

In the Google Lunar XPrize competition, three-dozen teams are racing to become the first private enterprises to land a rover on the moon. The winner takes home $30 million. But getting there will take time, hard work, and a lot of money.

at 08:04 AM Dec 18 2014
Gadgets // 

Among the problems with Google Glass—and there are many—is a general lack of style. Those who don't wear glasses regularly can find it cumbersome, while those who do may find it doesn't play well with their existing models. Sony's aiming to solve those problems with a new microdisplay that can turn any pair of glasses into a Google Glass-like device.

at 08:04 AM Dec 18 2014
Northrup Grumman

It's a plane designed for the war no one wants to fight. The Long Range Strike Bomber is the Air Force's secretive and long-running project to develop the next generation of nuclear-armed bombers, designed to unload hell in hostile skies. And there's a chance that it'll be optionally manned, allowing it to fly some missions as a drone.

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