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  • Scientists are speed breeding plants in a race to beat climate change

    Why Scientists Are Breeding Wheat in Space

    Some years ago, NASA bred wheat in space with the goal of providing an unending food supply for astronauts. To help the plant along, astronauts shined light on the plant continuously. As far as ... More >
  • China is making 1,000-UAV drone swarms now

    China Deploys 1000-Drone Swarm

    At the close of the Global Fortune Forum in Guangzhou on Dec. 7, the event's hosts set a world record for the largest drone swarm ever deployed. For 9 minutes, 1,180 drones danced and blinked out ... More >
  • When you burn fat, where does it actually go?

    When You Burn Fat, Where Does it Actually Go?

    When you dig into your meal or grab a quick bite on the way to work, the food you eat goes toward fueling your body. As your favorite (or not so favorite) foods pass through your digestive system, ... More >
  • In his first PopSci appearance, a young Stephen Hawking explains an incredible discovery

    Stephen Hawking's First PopSci Appearance

    How will the universe end? Will it sputter out in a realm of ice, cooling continually as it expands until it reaches the absolute zero of temperature throughout its vast expanse? Will it die in a ... More >
  • Rats have been in New York City since the 1700s and they're never leaving

    The Rats of New York: 300 Years & Counting

    Since the late 1700s, Norwegian rats have haunted New York City's alleys, parks, and basements. They came on ships from France and England, and then they never left. More >
Space // 

The company's open source AI software is an armchair explorer's dream.

Mary Beth Griggs at 13:50 PM Mar 13 2018
Nature // 

It's a beautiful day for bacteria.

Kate Baggaley at 13:50 PM Mar 13 2018
Tech // 

Factors like temperature and humidity have a real impact on your ability to hit a homer.

Jessica Boddy at 13:50 PM Mar 13 2018
Science // 

Check out some fancy new cars, Samsung's new TVs, and our experimental podcast.

Stan Horaczek at 13:50 PM Mar 13 2018
Science // 

New York City is a crystal, but Boston is a liquid.

Marlene Cimons at 13:50 PM Mar 13 2018
Science // 

When entire countries lose an hour of sleep simultaneously, bad things happen.

Sara Chodosh at 13:50 PM Mar 13 2018
Science // 

They're windows into the heart of the Earth.

Mary Beth Griggs at 13:50 PM Mar 13 2018
Cars // 

There are lots of new rides to see in Switzerland this week.

Stan Horaczek at 13:50 PM Mar 13 2018
Science // 

A new study from MIT suggests "fake news" often trumps the truth. (Uh... figure of speech?)

Rachel Feltman at 13:50 PM Mar 13 2018
Gadgets // 

In fact, they might even do some good.

Mellissa Prunty and Emma Sumner/The Conversation at 13:50 PM Mar 13 2018
Space // 

Meanwhile in space: moon activity and satellites watching satellite launches .

Mary Beth Griggs at 09:31 AM Mar 5 2018
Mobile // 

Couldn't make it to Barcelona? No worries. Here's what you need to see.

Stan Horaczek at 09:31 AM Mar 5 2018
Science // 

Our guide to evacuating ethically in the wilderness

Rachel Feltman at 09:31 AM Mar 5 2018

Unseasonably warm afternoons might not do us much good.

Marlene Cimons at 09:31 AM Mar 5 2018
Space // 

It's time to return to our hellish neighbor.

Kate Baggaley at 09:31 AM Mar 5 2018
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